About LMOA

The Association is:

A group of international railroad officers whose responsibilities and interests are concerned with the repair and maintenance of railroad locomotives and shop related equipment. The Locomotive Maintenance Officers Association is one of five member groups of the Committee of the Coordinated Mechanical Associations (CMA).  The five members groups of CMA are LMOA,  Mechanical Association of Railcar Technical Services (MARTS), International Association of Railway Operating Officers (IAROO), the Air Brake Association (ABA) and the League of Railway Industry Women (LRIW).

What its Purpose is:

The purpose of the Association, a non-profit organization, shall be to improve the skill and knowledge or capability of its members through education, to provide locomotive maintenance to their employers, to exchange maintenance experience and information with members of the Association, locomotive builders and the railroad supply industry and to make recommendations on locomotive maintenance procedures through technical committee reports for the benefit of the railroad industry.

What the Association does:

It carries out its previously stated purpose by work of permanent committees on –

Electrical Maintenance

Mechanical Maintenance

Fuel, Lubricants and Environmental

Facilities, Material and Support

These committees consist of members involved in locomotive and shop equipment maintenance and whose efforts on these committees bring to the membership new ideas and a broad survey of the best practices for locomotive maintenance. The reports of these committees and the discussions at the annual meeting, published in the Proceedings of the Association and distributed to the members, constitute a library of shop practices; the score and value of which will increase each year as the work of the Association progresses.