Thank you for visiting the website of the LMOA. We are very excited to share our information not only with the North American Railroads but now with the advancement of the world wide web we are pleased to share our knowledge and experience with the entire rail community.

The LMOA is a Non Profit organization consisting of Railroaders and Rail Vendors for the sole mission to offer improvements and recommendations for a safer and more reliable Rail Operation. In addition, the LMOA’s mission also includes reducing maintenance costs, improving locomotive productivity, and reducing the environmental impact of locomotive operations and maintenance. We are proud to offer any Railroader the opportunity to learn from our experience with no obligations to the committee.

The LMOA was formed in 1938 and actually dates back an additional 29 years (1909) because we replaced the International General Foreman’s association.

We would welcome any suggestions or questions and should any Railroader be interested in joining please feel free to contact us anytime!


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