The Name of this Association shall be the Locomotive Maintenance Officers Association (LMOA).

The purpose of the Association, a non-profit organization, shall be:
• to improve the interests of its members through education,
• to supply locomotive maintenance and technical information to Association members and their employers,
• to exchange knowledge and information with members of the Association,
• to make constructive recommendations on locomotive maintenance procedures through the technical committee reports for the benefit of the railroad industry

Section 1 – Railroad Membership shall be composed of persons currently or formerly employed by a railroad company and interested in locomotive maintenance. Membership may be subject to approval by the General Executive Committee.
Section 2 – Associate Membership shall be composed of persons currently or formerly employed by a manufacturer of equipment or devices used in connection with the maintenance and repair of motive power. Membership may be subject to approval by the General Executive Committee. Associate members shall have equal rights with railroad members in discussing all questions properly brought before the association at the Annual Meeting, serving on Association committees and shall have the privilege of voting and holding elective office.
Section 3 – Life membership shall be conferred on all Past Presidents. Life membership may also be conferred on others for meritorious service to the Association, subject to approval by the General Executive Committee.
Section 4 – Membership dues for individual railroad and associate membership shall be set by the General Executive Committee and shall be payable on or before September 30th of each year. The membership year will begin on October 1 and end September 30. Members’ whose dues are not paid on or before the opening date of the annual convention are subject to being prohibited from attending the annual meeting, shall not be eligible to vote and may not be entitled to receive a copy of the published Pre-Convention Report or the Annual Proceedings of the annual meeting. Failure to pay membership dues within a reasonable amount of time will result in loss of membership. Life members will not be required to pay dues, and will be entitled to receive a copy of the Pre-Convention Report and Annual Proceedings.

Section 1 – Elective Officers of the Association shall be President, First Vice President, Second Vice President and Third Vice President. Each officer will hold office for one year or until a successor is elected. In the event an officer leaves active service, he may continue to serve until the end of his term, and, if he chooses, continue to serve as an elective officer and be allowed to elevate through the ranks as naturally occurs, to include the office of President.
Section 2 – There shall be one Regional Executive officer assigned to oversee each technical committee. Regional Executives shall be appointed from the membership by the General Executive Committee for an indefinite term, with preference given to those having served as a Technical Committee Chairperson. A Regional Executive who leaves active service may continue to serve as such, and shall be eligible for nomination and election to higher office.
Section 3 – There shall be a General Executive Committee composed of the President, Vice Presidents, Regional Executives, Technical Committee Chairpersons, and all Past Presidents remaining active in the Association.
Section 4 – There shall be a Secretary-Treasurer appointed by and holding office at the pleasure of the General Executive Committee, who will contract for his or her services with appropriate compensation.
Section 5 – All elective officers and Regional Executives must be LMOA members in good standing. (See Article III, Section 4.)

Section 1 – Elective officers shall be chosen from the active membership. A Nominating Committee, composed of the current elective officers and the active Past Presidents, shall submit a slate of candidates for each elective office at the annual convention.
Section 2 – Election of Officers shall be determined by a voice vote, or if challenged, it shall require a show of hands.
Section 3 – Vacancies in any elective office may be filled by presidential appointment, subject to approval by the General Executive Committee.
Section 4 – The immediate Past President shall serve as Chairman of the Nominating Committee. In his absence, this duty shall fall to the current President.

Section 1 – The President shall exercise general direction over all affairs of the Association and approve expenditures subject to availability of funds.
Section 2 – The First Vice President shall, in the absence of the President, assume the duties thereof. He shall additionally be responsible for arranging a mid-year joint meeting of the Association, preferably to be held in the early part of May.
Section 3 – The Second Vice President shall be responsible for selecting advertising. He will coordinate with the Secretary-Treasurer and contact advertisers required to underwrite the cost of the Annual Proceedings.
Section 4 – The Third Vice President will be responsible for maintaining a strong membership in the Association. He will ensure that membership applications are properly prepared and distributed, monitoring membership levels and reporting same at appropriate times to the General Executive Committee.
Section 5 – The Vice Presidents shall perform such other duties as are assigned them by the President.
Section 6 – The Secretary-Treasurer shall:
A. Keep all the records of the Association.
B. Be responsible for the finances and accounting thereof under the direction of the General Executive Committee.
C. Perform the duties of Secretary of the Nominating Committee and General Executive Committee, without vote.
D. Furnish surety bond in the amount of $50,000 on behalf of his/her assistants directly handling Association funds. Association will bear the expense of such bond.
E. Arrange the schedule for presentation of technical reports at the annual convention and coordinate same with the other associations to minimize conflict.
F. Serve as liaison for the LMOA with other associations
G. Arrange for publications of the LMOA Annual Proceedings.
Section 7 – The Regional Executive officers shall:
A. Participate in the General Executive Committee meetings.
B. Monitor material to be presented by the technical committees to ensure reports are accurate and pertinent to the goals of the Association.
C. Attend and represent LMOA at meetings of their assigned technical committees.
D. Promote Association activities and monitor membership levels within their assigned areas of responsibility.
E. Promote and solicit support for LMOA by helping to obtain advertisers.
F. Train new Committee Chairpersons on LMOA procedures and bylaws. Mentor and support Chairpersons.
Section 8 – Duties of General Executive Committee:
A. Assist and advise the President in long-range Association planning.
B. Contract for the services and compensation of a Secretary-Treasurer.
C. Serve as the Auditing and Finance Committee.
D. Determine the number and name of the Technical Committees.
E. Exercise general supervision over all Association activities.
F. Monitor technical reports for material considered unworthy for publication or inaccurate.
G. Approve the tentative schedule and list of topics to be presented at the annual convention and published in the Annual Proceedings.
H. Exercise authority to disapprove, for just cause, any new committee member or other item submitted for its approval. Such member or item will stand approved as submitted if the General Executive Committee declines to act.
I. Handle all matters of Association business not specifically herein assigned.
J. Handle all public relations decisions within LMOA and coordinated associations with confidentiality.

The technical committees will consist of:
Section 1 – A chairperson appointed by the President and approved by the General Executive Committee.
Section 2 – A vice chairperson selected by the chairperson and approved by the President.
Section 3 – Committee members, selected as follows:
A. Representatives of operating railroads and regional transit authorities submitted by their Senior Mechanical and Materials Officers and approved by the President of LMOA.
B. Representatives of locomotive builders designing and manufacturing locomotives in North America submitted by their perspective company and approved by the Committee Chairperson.
C. The Fuel, Lube and Environmental Committee will include members from major oil additive companies or their subsidiaries submitted by their perspective company and approved by the Committee Chairperson.
D. As needed, the Committee Chairperson may invite other non-railroad personnel to participate in committee activities on either a limited time or permanent basis
E. The Chairperson will submit the name of perspective new committee members to the Executive Committee which reserves the right to approve or disapprove membership.
F. Companies are allowed a primary and alternate member on committees at the Chairperson’s discretion.
Section 4 – All individuals who are on technical committees must be LMOA members in good standing. (See Article III, Section 4.)
Section 5 – Each technical committee shall prepare one or more technical reports for presentation at the annual meeting and publication in the Annual Proceedings. Oral presentations should include the use of slides, videos, or other media as appropriate to the subject.
Section 6 – Subjects for technical papers will be selected and approved by the General Executive Committee.

Section 1 – The Locomotive Maintenance Officers Association encourages the free interchange of ideas and discussion by all attendees for mutual benefits to the railroad industry. It is understood that the expression of opinion, or statements by attendees in the meeting, and the recording of reports containing the same, shall not be construed as representations or statements ratified by the Association.
Section 2 – Those present at any meeting called on not less than thirty days advance written notice shall constitute a quorum.

The proceedings and business transactions of this Association shall be governed by Robert’s Rules of Order, except as otherwise herein provided.

The Constitution and By-Laws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the active members present at the Annual Meeting