During the recently held RSI/CMA Rail Expo and Technical Conference in Omaha, Nebraska, the LMOA Executive Board approved and announced changes to our technical committees as follows:


Three committees will remain intact
Fuel, Lubricants and Environmental
* Mechanical Maintenance
*Electrical Maintenance
*The word Diesel has been removed from both the Mechanical and Electrical committees.


The New Technologies Committee has been dissolved. The FL&E, Mechanical and Electrical Committees have been challenged to incorporate new technology topics within their respective technical programs.


The Diesel Material Control and Shop Safety, Practices and Equipment Committees will be combined and the new committee will be called the Facilities Material and Support Committee.


A new committee has been formed and it will be called the Locomotive Software and Systems Committee.


All of these changes result from discussions members of the LMOA Executive Board have had with a number of Class I Railroad Chief Mechanical Officers with the primary objective of solving chronic locomotive problems experienced by railroad maintenance personnel.


Based on the changes made, there will be five technical committees moving forward:

Electrical Maintenance Committee
Facilities Material and Support Committee
Fuel, Lubricants and Environmental Committee
Locomotive Software and Systems Committee
Mechanical Maintenance Committee


We are adamant about our mission to serve the railroad community and believe these changes are a step in the right direction. More to follow


October 2016